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Listen in on the history of Gate Girls and the story behind the Re:Me "UN-Conference."


My Story

I created Gate Girls because I truly believe that women are looking for safe places to have bold, transparent conversations. Judge-free zones, forgiving zones, and places to be vulnerable where they can gain or regain strength for better days. That’s my heart’s intention.


A Gate Girl is simply a ridiculously skilled and phenomenal woman. And she may not even fully know it yet. She connects with others to increase her impact and influences their inspiration. Where do you find her? In a gated community, of course. Wink! A protected place, secure, and built with resources.


This community is for you if you’re starting off with some commitments and re-commitments. If you’re trying to eat healthier, let’s consume some good while we’re together. Our community serves up good words to consume.Got new workout goals? Yep, you can find it in the community. A safe place that offers the resources for tools and like-minded individuals who want to have fit hearts, fit minds, and fit souls. And willing to put in the work knowing that developing a new muscle comes from within.

Going after a new career educational goal? Used to put in the right place. Imagine having a safe place for exploration and dreams where you can receive healthy challenge and encouragement to keep pushing no matter where you are in your pursuit.


My heart’s desire is it will we create these communities and places we never imagined. We are developing a power network of women who are a force to be reckoned with. Even when it means overcoming themselves.


Erickajoy Daniels is a dedicated wife, mother, a distinguished Diversity & Inclusion thought leader, a tireless community healthcare advocate, and a leading voice in Milwaukee’s most prominent corporate circles serving on several boards. Her book, Taking Care of Business While My Husband is at the Gate, was birthed out of a passion to share transparency, is a journey of enlightenment and guidance from a biblical perspective and interactive by inviting women to embark upon a journey to be the best they can be.

She believes women share a mutual desire to see themselves, their marriages, and their calling grow. I was guilty of daydreaming of my perfect wedding day, and occasionally—okay, I admit—daily found myself visited by thoughts of being swept away by a Prince Charming. But the Holy Spirit would grab me by my coattails in my drifting and ground me to keep me balanced, never to erase the dream or have me dismayed it wouldn’t happen but developing a solid understanding and appreciation that for every prince, there should be an amazing princess. And I wanted to get ready for that role. Daniels believes sharing practical examples and honest reflections allows the reader to explore their personal understanding of a woman’s role in marriage to a man who is a servant leader in his own right. A widely recognized thought leader and Senior VP for a major health care system, Erickajoy is taking care of business. Period.




Along with most of the Christian population of women, I have prayed, read, studied, memorized, and treated Proverbs 31 like a job description. But one day, a verse stuck out to me:

“Her husband is known in the gates,

when he sits among the elders of the land” (Proverbs 31:23).


I couldn’t divert my attention from it. I started to ask myself, Why is this even mentioned? God always speaks with intention, and I wanted to understand more. Where is this gate? What is this gate? What did it all mean?

Journey with me as we journey through the answers to these questions and more in:


While My Husband is at the Gate.


Gate Girls

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